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From: Hayley Harragan
RE: The Truth of the matter About Eczema Therapy
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I suffered from eczema since I was a child and it continued well into my adulthood before I managed to find a cure and permanently got rid of it.

After I healed, I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to make sure that my daughter Christine wouldn’t have to go through the same life experiences that I did, because as you know, eczema is hereditary, so I was really concerned for her getting this condition through our family genes.

I was absolutely devastated when I noticed the first signs of eczema on her. Christine was only 8 years old at the time and to be honest, it wasn’t the itching, redness and scaling that worried me much, but the inevitable embarrassing moments at school, the whispers from classmates and the overall negative impact on her social life – all of the things I went through myself.

It can be very traumatising for a child to have relationship problems at school with their fellow classmates, let alone when it’s also combined with eczema symptoms in visible areas.

When I was at school, my eczema first appeared around my wrists and elbows, occasionally it would also spread to around my neck area. During winter months and colder periods it wasn’t much of a problem, because my arms would be covered by long-sleeve tops. However, during summer and hot weather, it was a totally different story…

I could keep on wearing long sleeves and drench in sweat, while looking like a complete weirdo or otherwise put up with whispers behind my back, never-ending questions about my “disease” and teachers thinking I was a victim of domestic violence, because the red patchy parts on my skin looked like I was beaten by someone.

I still remember those dreadful days when I suffered with eczema at school. I would get called all kinds of names, like “sleazy”, “gross” and “flaky”. As you can imagine, my self-esteem was non-existent and I always struggled with making friends.

There was no way I would let the same happen to Christine, so when she first came to me with the following symptoms, I knew it was the time to act:

The first action step of any mother would be to take the child to a doctor and find out what is going on. So we went to a dermatologist, despite me knowing that he would probably recommend a couple of creams and tell us “there’s nothing to worry about”. And as you can guess, that was exactly what happened…

However, here’s the real truth about eczema treatment that no-one talks about:

The creams that were prescribed for my daughter would work for a few days, relieving the pain and redness, but then the eczema would breakout again…coming back even worse than it was before!
From my personal experience, I already knew that eczema creams were useless, but I wanted to give them one last chance, before referring to the natural methods that helped to cure my eczema many years ago…

Having lived with eczema throughout my life, I learned that eczema is NOT a skin disorder. It is simply a warning response from your immune system telling you there is an imbalance of nutrients and hormones in your body. As a result, this causes various skin reactions, including redness, itching, scaling and other symptoms.

All those popular creams and medications only provide a short-term fix, because they are designed to treat only the symptoms of eczema, NOT the root cause, so no matter what we tried nothing lasted longer than a few weeks.

After all the creams failed on us, I decided it was the time to try the natural healing methods, which I used myself to cure the itching, scaling and burning skin that I suffered from in my childhood and later in my adult life. Hopefully, they would work for my daughter too…

Here’s what Christine said after she completely recovered from eczema:

She felt more relaxed, energetic and full of joy – what else a child needs?

Her grades improved at school, because now she could really focus in class.

Making new friends was not a problem anymore – she regained her confidence.

She could wear short sleeves without being embarrassed for her skin.

Overall, she was delighted that she no longer had to worry about no itching, her skin looked healthy and she felt great!

Seeing how well it worked for my daughter, I wanted to get a little “boost of vitality” for myself, because this holistic system is not just for treating eczema, but it is the key to overall well-being. I couldn’t believe the results:

Considerably less fatigue and tiredness throughout the day (no coffee, thanks!)

Stronger state of mind and better mental health.

Noticeable improvement in the digestive system – no more bloating and abdominal pain.

Based on how well this system worked for me and my daughter, I decided to write a book and…


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